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Ashcroft and our local economy has risen and fallen many times over our history.  One of the things that has been consistent in all that time has been the commitment of the businesses and citizens to make this a wonderful community to live in. 

We are now moving into the second decade of the Twenty First Century.  Looking back you will see that national and global economies have usually struggle for a few years before and after each century or millennium change. 

Ashcroft has strong "transferable" skills to move us forward.  While we will continue to encourage the farming and ranching sector of our ecomony and continue to support the regional mining economy we have the opportunity to leverage these strengths and diversify into data farming and mining. 

In the discussion topics there will be agricultural topics including - how do we expand our farming to offer the province "food security".  Also, how do we create viability in our farming to encourage young families back to farms and on a similar tack - how to bring vitality to "seasonal" enterprises such as our farm. 

In 1913 - 100 years ago this year - Ashcroft sent a delegation to Ottawa and returned with a grant from the Lady Minto Foundation to create a hospital and develop a regional health care service that was a combination of doctors and nurses from the Victorian Order of Nurses.  We need to celebrate that achievement and we are again called on to support our Mayor and Council as they lobby for a new model of health care for rural BC.  It may be time for the community to again exert it influence and take a much more active role in our health. We also need to rally behind the organizers of our first Wellness Festival to be held in July. 

Our goal for this year to facilitate clear communication so that everyone in the community will know what is happening, how to get involved and be able to support those things that they find most important.  As our calendar of events and activities fills in you will see how dynamic and active our community and district are. 

This is a wonderful caring community.  We look forward to working with you to make it a sustainable community where everyone is able to thrive.